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While we avoid the colonial/ military/ corporate language of “missions” (and associated practices) that the nonprofit industrial complex has uncritically embraced, we are organizing ourselves around a common purpose:
to grow a regenerative community of praxis for
racially otherized evaluators and knowledge workers
in Minnesota.
We draw the word “praxis” from liberatory struggles to convey our commitment to ongoing action, reflection, and theory. “Regenerative” conveys the multi-directional flow or circulation of multiple types of energy, effort, power, or capitalreciprocally, interdependently, and for mutual aid rather than in ways that exclude, exploit, or extract.

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Minnesota IBPOC in Evaluation Community of Praxis FAQ
Is my donation tax deductible?
Depends on a few factors like if you received a reward in exchange for the donation and the value of your donation above that rewards cost, etc. You may contact the nonprofit you donated to directly to receive information on whether or not your donation is tax deductible. Nonetheless, the emailed receipts you will receive for your donation is the documentation you need to make it tax deductible.

Is my donation and credit card info secure?
Yes, the security and confidentiality of your information is our highest priority. We will not sell, trade or share your personal information with anyone else, nor send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations, and we will only share personal information if you have given us specific permission to do so.

How do I know that my donation was made successfully?
You will receive an emailed receipt immediately after your donation is submitted and your credit card is processed. Your donation will also show up on your bank or card statement within 1-3 business days.

Do I get a receipt?
Yes, a receipt is sent to your email inbox once your donation is processed. Please be sure to keep a copy of your receipt for tax purposes. If you select a recurring donation, you will be sent an individual receipt each period when your donation is processed.

Is my donation private?
We will not share or sell a donor's personal information with anyone else, nor send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations.